Friday, May 21, 2010

Advantages of Private Drug Rehab

Today I read this Press Release about private drug treatment programs. You can read the whole Press Release by clicking here.

"We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best possible drug treatment experience," said a representative from Cliffside Malibu's clinical team. "Our luxurious sober living facility is an essential part of that experience, especially insofar as it helps residents prepare for the challenges of day-to-day living in a substance-free world."

Unfortunately, that sort of long-term thinking is precisely what distinguishes Cliffside from its competitors

Many recovery centers offer competent primary private drug treatment programs to their clients. But only the most elite clinics invest sufficient resources in their sober living services. In fact, many of the most well-known private drug treatment programs in Los Angeles provide marginal or even inferior sober living options for their residents. Unsurprisingly, those facilities routinely fall short of the promises they make in their advertising brochures.

Cliffside Malibu is a residential drug treatment center specializing in roxycodone treatment in Malibu, California. For further details about Cliffside's treatment methods, amenities, or other general information about such topics as xanax treatment, please call 1-800-501-1988 or visit our Web site at

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